Tumeric Complexion Oil

Organic and preservatives free formulation


The Complexion serum active ingredients are encapsulated in an organic carrier oil for night use. The light and easily absorbing serum leaves no oily residue and may serve as a night moisturizer.

It contains the significant anti-oxidants of Turmerone and Curcumin from the turmeric root, with advanced Tri-peptides. The formulation is organic with no preservatives.

Serum/oil application provides superior skin care since oils penetrate deeper into the skin. The Complexion serum compliments the moisturizing cream, providing your skin with dual mechanism care 24/7, in an optimal manner.


Serum/oil to be applied at night.

The serum will provide the following inherent skin benefits:

  1.  De-pigmentation for UV-induced melasma, freckles & age spots in a gradual and safe manner
  2. Improves evenness of skin tone in a gradual and safe manner
  3. Reduces the number of acne lesions caused by acne
  4. Reduces stretch marks
  5. Promotes younger and healthier looking skin
  6. Reduces wrinkle depth and useful for anti-ageing

Product information

Direction for use Shake well before use. Apply lightly to pigmented areas or apply on full facial area for overall skin care.  To be used nightly
Colour Pale yellow to gold
Odour Turmeric, which is naturally composed and will dissipate
Size 20ml
Composition Organic
Storage Store in cool place
Skin types Suitable for all skin types
Precaution Turmeric is derived from the ginger plant. If your skin is sensitive to ginger, refrain from use. May not be suitable for oily skin
Country of manufacture Active ingredients made in Germany
Results UV pigment correction improvements are visible within 8 to 12 weeks from start by at least 50% or earlier. Pigmentation recurs and will require excellent cosmetic care on a daily basis

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